How Does Beard Oil Work?

The bearded heads turned long before the New York Times said that facial hair was in fashion. There is something about well-groomed guy that tends to make make you stop and watch. .

Fortunately, there is a product to help with this and is called beard oil. Packed with conditioning ingredients like jojoba oil, grape seed oil and argan oil, Jason Dove Men’s Hair Expert + Care Schneidman believes it is essential to keep facial hair.

“Most people do not believe they need to use a product at all,” says Schneidman. “Men must take care of their facial hair, as well as care of the hair in the head.”

If you are not yet convinced that the beard you need to add oil to your daily routine, here are three celebrity groomer tips that will make you a believer.

Oil beard facial hair moisturizes the skin underneath.

Beard oil is moisturizing for the skin and helps to soften and tame the beard’s hair, which means that it also acts as an agent of style. According to Schneidman, the perfect beard should look bright and ready – non-dusty, fluffy and shaggy.

The best time to apply the beard oil is just after washing your face.

Schneidman recommends putting beard oil early in the morning after showering or cleaning. “In this way, the hair follicles and pores are open and can easily absorb the oil,” he adds. “Skin care, especially cleansing and hydration is essential, especially if you live in a cold or dry weather. We tend to think that “more is better”, but only a few drops of most things is enough. ”

Rub the beard oil in your palm, then massage along your beard.

If your beard is longer, use a comb to ensure that the product covers each hair and moisturizes the skin.

Beard keeps the scales of the hair of the face without oil and fresh smell.

Thanks to moisturizing oils, a little oil is enough to tame the beard hair and prevent the flakes (alias beard druff). And with as much musk / woody essential oils as cedar and sandalwood, Schneidman emphasizes that this often neglected product also acts as a natural colony.