Foundation Pros of Houston: The Pros & Cons of Various Homes

When choosing Foundation Pros of Houston tends to favour concrete foundations, usually due to their beneficial cost and reliability. There are then 3 major sub-types of concrete foundations: Slab, Crawlspace or Basement. When building a new home, which Foundation Pros of Houston is the best choice? I give the pros & cons of the typical three options.

Foundation Pros of Houston


The Slab:

– Relatively cheap to build
– No wet or moisture to deal with under sub-floor
– Ease of access for senior individuals or handicapped, since its very close to ground level

– Hardened surface, takes a toll on your joints/body
– Not easy to run additional pipes/wires
– HVAC is typically located in the unconditioned space
– A leak in a water supply-line in the slab isn’t cheap to fix
– The entrance at ground level is not as eye appealing
– There’s high likelihood of radon issue (can be easily mitigated)
– Prone to wood destroying insect issues since its close to ground

The Crawlspace:

– Ability to install additional piping/wires easily if need be
– The wood floor structure is often softer than the concrete
– The entrance is higher off ground making it more eye appealing
– Ease of access for repairs
– Less likely to have a radon issue on ventilated crawlspaces

– Moisture/humidity issues are major issues, it creates fungus growth & rot
– The Ease of access for unwanted pests
– HVAC is in unconditioned space

The Basement:

– Ability to install additional piping/wires easily if need be
– Wood floor structure is often softer than concrete
– The ease of access for repairs
– The entrance is higher off ground and more eye appealing
– HVAC is usually located in conditioned space
– Additional workshop/storage
– Less expensive additional square footage, can be finished later
– Increased resale value of house & increased buyer appeal
– You can as well build on a sloping grade
– Offers shelter during extreme weather

– Highly expensive to build (when compared to a crawlspace or slab
– its needs a sloping lot in order to build a walkout basement
– Higher likelihood of radon issue

As you see there are a several options that are available for Foundation Pros of Houston, however their practicality is based on the type you own. Because of this, we advice that you consult Foundation Pros of Houston to assess the property before you build, so that they wont be saddled with extra costs when you go to lay foundations for your new home. For more info visit